CUNY Math Courses and Syllabi

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This page links to CUNY undergraduate mathematics course listings and available online syllabi. (Graduate-level listings can be found on individual department websites.) Directions on how to use this page are found below. (Note: links that go outside of the CUNYMath site open in new tabs/windows.)

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Courses listed here are catalogued by a 5-level code system in the "Code" column.

Syllabi are available in a range of file formats.

See the Software page for links to software that will aid in viewing these files. If a syllabus for a particular course is available, links, by file format, will be listed in the "Syllabus" column. If we do not have a syllabus listed for a particular course, a TIPPS link may be in the course's "Syllabus" column as well as the "TIPPS" column. If there is a lab syllabus for the course in question, it will be listed in the "Lab" column.

The TIPPS system contains information such as course description, number of credits, etc. TIPPS also displays course equivalences in the case you wish to transfer a course's credit from one CUNY college to another. If a course is listed in TIPPS, there will be a link to the TIPPS course entry in the "TIPPS" column. Once on the TIPPS site, click the course name to see the course's equivalences across CUNY.

If a course's name is linked, clicking the link will show the TIPPS description for this course. You can click the link again to hide the description.

Note: A course being listed here does not imply that the course is being offered by that college at the current time; please check with your college math department to see if they are offering the course before attempting to enroll.

Some course numbers have been relisted with new numbers; to show these courses in your listings, use the checkbox labeled "Show old course listings?"

To sort the results, use the sorting drop down menu.

The CUNY Graduate Center does not participate in the TIPPS course equivalency system, and most graduate-level, independent study, or "honors seminar" credit courses at senior colleges are not listed here.

As always, please visit college math department websites (linked in the "College" column) for the most current resources about courses at each college. If your college lists Mathematics Education, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or other courses through its Mathematics department, they may appear in this list if they are offered under the same course prefix ("MAT", "MTH", etc.). If a mathematics course is not listed under a school's mathematics prefix (for example, Hunter College's probability courses are listed under STAT, not MATH), it may not be in this list. If you feel a course has been listed in error (or is not listed but should be), please contact us.
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